Friday, October 28, 2011

Sprouts Make Me Sad

It is currently 12:58 PM and I am having lunch with one of my mentees, Alice. Alice just got up to go order something to eat, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a feeling that suddenly came over me.

For lunch today, I ordered a Garden Burger which includes ciabatta bread, tomato slices, sunflower sprouts, avacado slices, and more. I decided to rip off most of the bread because it was beginning to become a challenge to eat and that's when my burger became mostly covered in sprouts. 

When I saw these first thought was, Sprouts look weird. These baby sprouts are going to become something else when they grow up... And that's when it hit me. They won't because I'm eating them. They wont become my favorite flower in the entire world - sunflowers!!

That's when I started feeling worse. People dont just eat sunflower sprouts, but they eat tons and tons of other sprouts like bean sprouts, leafy sprouts, brassicas sprouts, and more. I started looking more into sprouts online and there are actually HUGE websites all centered around sprouts, how to sprout your own seeds, and sprout recipes. So sad :( These seeds had so much potential...