Friday, January 6, 2012


Sunday I will be returning to Riverside to resume Winter Quarter. Now that Winter break is coming to an end I have arrived at the point of my vacation where some reflection and introspection is needed. Over break I have done quite a number of things and there seems to be a pessimistic motif. I have found that in the past year I have experienced many endings. Friendships, adventures, classes, and metaphorically the ending of my childhood with the showing of the last Harry Potter movie. This break marked almost 2 years since high school graduation. And this Winter I have further discovered the true friendships that I have made, and let the shallow ones fade away. Upon reviewing old Facebook pictures I recall the good times spent eating out and laughing late into those warm summer nights. This break I finished Inheritance, the last of the Eragon series - another end to what was a great fantasy adventure. All these small endings have been encased in the passing of 2011 and onset of 2012. 2011 was truly a great year, and despite the friendships lost, I feel better than ever.

This year I am looking forward to turning 20! My relationships with friends and family are stronger than ever and I feel like I have accomplished quite a lot this past year. And I'm not going to make a New Year's resolution - only because I try to better myself year round in different aspects of my life and character. I have learned and grown tremendously and feel myself maturing - its quite interesting how we are able to gauge our personal growth. So I guess looking back, I am thankful for all the shit that happened (speeding ticket, jury duty, car-tow, internship rejections, job rejections, parking tickets, paying bills, etc). I'm strolling down the road towards adulthood and I'm liking who I'm becoming. So this year, I think I will judge myself less for how I appear on the outside and appreciate myself more for who I am on the inside.

2012 is going to be tough, but I know I have what it takes. 

Out with the old, and in with the new!