Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Second Twenty-Eleven

Remember Dance Dance Revolution? Today in the arcade at John's Incredible Pizza, I definitely had a flash back. I remember spending time in middle school just tapping away on the mat at my grandmother's house. Or playing for hours after our weekly Girl Scouts meetings. It was one of those games I was so addicted to that after a while, I started seeing arrows going up the walls of my house. Core. If I can get the game with the pad, I'd be willing to drop money on a TV for room in my apartment. Dedication. 200 COMBO!

Anyways, I had a pretty good day today. It started off at 8 AM, but then I decided I wasn't feeling well enough to stay awake, so I slept till 11 AM. From there I went to Day St. and purchased a gift for Letters to Santa. This is a Christmas Program that Honors puts on every winter. UCR students "adopt" an elementary school child and grants their Christmas wish. My little girl asked for a bead set. Next Friday we will go to the elementary school and deliver our gifts to our students - Cant Wait!! 

Classes didn't start till 2 today - last classes of the quarter!! Today in Dirty30 we had a Child Birth Panel. Speakers shared their experiences in pregnancy or as a parent...apparently the pain you feel while having contractions makes having an epidural feel like nothing. That blows my mind. A needle into your spine = nothing...I'm so fucked.

So one more class goes by...4 hours later, the Honors Peer Mentors meet at John's Incredible Pizza for our annual Holiday Social. It was so much fun. The food was kind of bad, but the arcade was pretty awesome. We all got $5 to spend so we played a few games, rode a mini roller coaster, and battled it off on DDR. I had a great time with my friends Becky, Corey, Paige, & Jackie. I am really glad I have gotten a chance to make such good friends this year and to be a part of the Honors family. 

Now that I have grown some roots here at UCR, I dont really know how I feel about transferring. Even though I submitted my UC application this Wednesday, I feel like my application was not very good. My personal statement was written 2 hours prior to submission, I did not have any documents to record my classes/grades/AP scores there is a good chance that my application will not even be considered due to inaccurate data. There goes $350. Well, in any case, I am happy here at UCR and applying was primarily just to appease my parents. Thanksgiving at home just was not pleasant because my mother was upset about me not wanting to transfer anymore.

Anyways, tonight I will try to stay up as late as I can. I spent the last hour going through magazines and ripping out pictures that I liked. Hopefully for the rest of the night I can do some damage for Race&Ethnicity and perhaps do some research on Orlan / Marc Quinn.

One more week and I am outs. Lates.

P.S. Below is me and my friends Becky & Corey