Saturday, November 5, 2011


12:30 AM.

Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of rain. It was absolute bliss. I love the rain - but not being in it. I love being in side where it's warm, with a hot cup of tea, with a book in my lap, nestled in my favorite sweater on my bed. All while the rain sings outside. I love it.

And so this morning, I took my time getting my day started as I listened to the rain. At 11:30 AM I picked up my girlfriend Ashley from school and we jumped onto the 60 to kick back at Panera. OOhh how I have missed Panera. The smell of bread with my hazelnut coffee was on point. Not to mention the hot liquid really hit the spot on a chilly, rainy day. At Panera, Ashley and I took our time eating brunch and exchanged stories from the past Halloweekend, the latest going-ons between past hallmates, and more. It was a well-needed reunion.

From there, I went to class at 2 PM and learned quite a number of things today. In my "Dirty 30" class, I learned that there is a myriad of sexual minority. These include LGBT, BDSM, Fetishists, Paraphilias, and more. It was fascinating to learn about certain practices, for example, those who practice sadomasochism (S&M) are educated in how to properly inflict pain. There are actually classes that teach you how to give a good flogging - and there's supposed to be nothing better than receiving a good flogging.

In Phys20 (Family of Planets) I learned that the sun will probably burn out in about 6 billion years. Like other medium sized stars, the sun will convert all its hydrogen to helium, then it will experience a helium flash which will expand the sun's radius all the way out to Jupiter, then it will shrink again in which the helium core will be converted to which point the solar winds will blow the remaining hydrogen into the universe...leaving what remains of the sun = a cold star...ultimately the suns death...but I feel like before the Earth has a chance to freeze over...we would burn first? Or maybe some other catastrophe would befall us first? Either way...I feel grateful for being born in the present - despite current economic and environmental woes - because I don't have to be worried about being consumed by the sun's Hellish fires.

Good stuff.

Anyways, tonight I am challenging myself. It is a Friday night, but I plan to pull an all nighter and get work done. I want to see if I can stay motivated and be productive despite it being the weekend. If I succeed - 10 points to Gryffindor. If not...I have Saturday to sleep and Sunday for safety. It is fail proof.

There is reason to my madness.

That's the end of my break. Time for Angela Davis, Women, Race & Class.