Tuesday, November 8, 2011


No I am not going out.
No, it is not snowing.
And no, the air conditioning is not on full blast.
Am I taking the chilly weather a bit far?


 However, I must say...my room is SO COLD. As I am sitting in front of my desk trying to concentrate and do some Race&Eth. reading...my fingers and toes are freezing. I just can't think of anything else but try to find warmth. And so I decided my toes deserve to hide in my warm, fuzzy boots and that my fingers must find shelter in my uber cool Urban Outfitters finger mittens. And since my thermal really just isn't doing the trick the only solution is my fabulous red vest and scarf...I wonder if people who live across from my apartment can see me dressed like it's snowing...inside...

I'm not crazy.
(Actually...its kind of strange now that I think of it, how often I have said that recently.
I truly believe the more conviction I say it with, the more convincing it really sounds.)
And I'm not lying.

Anyways, I am glad that Riverside has finally cooled down and that it has rained a number of times in the past month. However, whenever it is cold...my poor old joints do start to hurt. My left ankle that I've sprained 3 times was definitely hurting today. Sigh...but on the flip side, I got some great hazelnut coffee for about $1.50 today at the student market!

Alright. That will be enough rambling. Thursday is the big day, and I must finish all my readings by tonight. Plus, I have not touched my transfer essays, internship essays, nor put in time for my Monday Condom presentation.

Now that I am warm there is no excuse to dilly-dally any longer. Peace.

(Go on. Judge me.)