Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Best meal I have made for myself since I moved into my apartment. When I finished making my fried rice, I thought to myself Man, that looks bomb. I should take a picture of it! And as I was about to snap a photo, my camera runs out of batteries...Not bomb.

Here are a few other Not Bomb moments that came across my mind -

When you make an amazing lunch...but forget it on the kitchen counter...
When you are super excited to be on your vacation trip...and then realize you forgot to pack underwear
When you just want to buy one pack of gum and all the registers are backed up like Christmas Eve
When you really need to use the bathroom but find that all of the toilets in your apartment are not working...super not right now..
When you talking to a super beautiful person...and then remember that you have a fat, juicy zit smack-dab on the middle of your forehead...
When you eat shit. Hard.
When the traffic cam snaps a picture of you for not making a full stop before making a right turn on a red light
When your iPod dies.
When you're almost done typing your Midterm paper...and your laptop crashes...this might be the winner
When you're strolling down the sidewalk and a car drives through a puddle and drenches you
When someone copies off your paper and get a better grade than you
When you're reading something and feel like you're really learning some great new information...only to turn the page to find that you've been there before...
When bird shit lands on you...there's just no way you could have saw that coming time.