Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning

My Monday morning started at 10:30 AM thinking, Darn...woke up late again...At least I don't have to be on campus until 1 PM...I have no more underwear...

And so I proceed to turn some music on, get dressed, and head to my apartment's laundry site. As I am sitting here waiting for my laundry, I am reading The Wall Street Journal and also waiting for my first batch of cookies to finish baking. On my walk back to my apartment from the washers, I was suddenly overcome by this need to bake...and so I figured I could bake some cookies while I waited for laundry to finish...I would have just enough time to get to my classes. At UCR I am an University Honors Peer Mentor, and so these cookies today will be for my freshmen mentees to help them get through their first midterms. My boyfriend would jealous...

Today I will be meeting my mentee Jasmin at 1, then I have Bio30 (Sex and Reproduction) at 2 followed by Phys20 (Intro Astronomy) at 3. Best classes I've ever taken!!

Anyways, keep in touch and I will show you my finished products!

Currently listening to: Mine by Taylor Swift