Monday, October 24, 2011

Cool Hunting


If you have not been acquainted, let me please introduce you to the wonderful site

The picture above was taken from an article titled: The Minotaur - Which is about an underground exhibit/dining experience that took place a few days ago in the Old Vic Tunnels in London. The creative street artists behind KP Kofler's Pret A Diner derived their inspiration this year from the Greek myth of Theseus' challenge to kill the Minotaur. As you walk through the spooky, dimly lit tunnels, you can Lucy McLauchlan's trash sculptures and Zak Ove's shadow monsters. At the center of the it all is the Pret A Diner space. Food is prepared by Four star chefs...When I read about the inspiration and amazing menu, I wanted to be in London 10x more!!

Anyways, Cool Hunt is a very fun site I like to explore when my time permits. Great photography of all the exciting things going on under a broad umbrella that encompasses art, fashion, music, food, New York, etc.

I really recommend tabbing Cool Hunt